Retirement of Business

There are several reasons why a business will come to an end. It could be that the business is already causing significant losses or may be the business needs to be terminated in order to transform it into a new type of enterprise. Whatever the reason may be, our legal partners are ready to assist in the dissolution of business in the most cost-efficient manner. They will guide you in your compliance and submission of closure requirements before pertinent government entities to facilitate the orderly and legally sound retirement of business.


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  • A fine example of excellent service. Their team not only helped with incorporation but also with local government filings.

    Ma. Claire S.
  • StartNow have successfully guided our company through start-up phase in the Philippines and continues to provide valuable advice as we grow.

    Nicanor M.
  • You have made our new business journey both rewarding and stress-free. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with a company that does business in such a professional manner.

    Gil John M.