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Finding The Right Passive Income For You

Some people have all been hardwired to believe that they’re destined just to work 8 hours a day for the rest of their lives until they make enough money to become “rich” and retire. But not for some people who wants to earn extra on the side. Earning income doesn't have to stop with your salary. Finding the source for that extra money is a smart strategy for working toward your financial freedom.

There are several ways to earn extra income but it’s usually limited to your skills and abilities. So the question is, how to find a side hustle that’s perfect for you? Do that by answering these questions. What skills do you have? What do your friends say you’re great at? Or what do you do on a Saturday morning? Find an answer to these questions and you’ll surely find a profitable business idea.

Expect that there will be a lot of mental barriers, you might hear yourself saying “But I’m so tired after work”. This might be a valid concern. After all, working 8 hours a day is really dreadful. How do you expect yourself to go home and work on freelancing when all you want is to pour yourself some wine while watching TV. Let’s face it, people are generally busy  – point being, there are many ways to make extra money if you’re willing to put in the time. It’s quite difficult–but you can actually do it successfully with some simple mental adjustment. 



Given the busy nature of the general public, vOffice Philippines Inc., a business solutions provider just launched a new passive, non-committal program where you and your friends can earn instant cash. Just by using the power of Word of Mouth you can actually earn as much as Php 80,000 per month.  It’s not pyramiding, it’s not networking, all you have to do is refer someone to vOffice and when your referred client signs up, you get a commission on their sale! 

A lot of the problem with this type of referral set up with other business models are its means to gain the trust of its referrals. The lack of information after referring someone to a company is almost never practiced. So, vOffice created a web platform where you can refer someone just as simple as typing it over your phone or desktop computer, and get updated from the website itself. 

The feature in the website enables you do the following:

Refer, Track, and Claim. – ALL IN ONE WEBSITE. 

In essence, you are not committed to the company, but you have access to refer anyone who needs vOffice’s service anytime you want and when it arises. Track your leads from the website, and when our Sales Team have converted your lead, you get notification to claim your commission.

So, what is vOffice? It is a leading provider of Virtual office service and business service in the Philippines.  It has 35 branches across the world and growing. Three locations here in the Philippines, one in Makati and two in Bonifacio Global City. vOffice caters to several business needs such as Office Space, Business Registration, Creatives, Accounting, and Legal. Visit  to know more about vOffice.



There are only three steps to earn. First step is to create an account, it requires your full name, a valid email address and contact number. After registering, a message will be sent to your email address with your username and auto generated password, you can now login. Second step is where the fun starts, you just have to refer someone that might need or interested in vOffice’s services. How? Simply fill out the referral form from the home page of the website that asks for your referral full name, email address, and phone number and some additional information like their company, location and service/s that they most likely interested in. The last and not definitely the least step is getting your income. If your referral has successfully signed up to any of vOffice’s services you will instantly get a percentage on the sale based on the specific service that they signed up for. (See commission table below) You'll receive your commission payment on or before 15th of the following month. You can get paid by a bank transfer or home delivery.

Commission Scheme



For more details contact vOffice at today!


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